Background Information

The Gambia Cyber Security Alliance (GCSA) is a professional organization with a view to promote,advocate and create awareness on cyber security, positive Information Communication Technology (ICT)policies, regulations, unrestricted access to information, net neutrality, internet governance, and by extension provide technical and theoretical assistance to civil society organizations, institutions both public and private in a form of training. GCSA came into existence based on the Cyber Security Experts meeting held in Dakar, Senegal April 2016. Among our focus area are to build strong public/private partnerships in order to create and implement broad-reaching education on cyber security to empower Gambians, with the information they need to keep themselves, their organizations, systems and their sensitive data safe and secure online and encourage a culture of cyber security.

GCSA promote open data, open access, open education and the use of ICT and Internet as a tool for community and national development. Our believe is the full potential of our ever-evolving digital lives can only be realizing when a culture of cyber security and privacy becomes the foundation of;Free-flowing content and unrestricted access to information, Multiple methods and platforms for communication, Trustworthy commerce, widely available and highly reliable connectivity among the citizenry, to educate and empower our digital African societies to use the Internet safe and securely